Going Shucking Crazy

Oyster Opening with “Going Shucking Crazy”.   So this is new, it will be trial and error.  Basically we sell oysters to people and or jewelry to showcase their pearl that would come out of their oyster.  The oysters will be opened on a Facebook Live feed so you can watch as your oyster is opened and see your pearl coming out first hand.  I will have a “Catalogue” for each team and you can also shop on their Facebook Page https://www.facebook.com/goingshuckingcrazy/ directly.

Here are some important details to remember:

a) If ordering on the paper order forms Payment can be made by CASH or CHQ made payable to NSMHA.  If ordering on their Facebook page https://www.facebook.com/goingshuckingcrazy/  payment can be made by EMT or Paypal.

b) All orders and payment must be returned to me no later than November 26, 2017.

c) Live Facebook opening will be held on Dec 16th 4pm-10pm and Dec 17th 4pm-10pm

d) They are offering really cool selling incentives!
$200-$399.99 1 Oyster and 1 silver plated Pendant
$400-$599.99 3 Oysters and 1 Silver plated Pendant
$600-$799.99 5 Oysters and 1 Silver Plated Pendant
$800-$999.99 7 Oysters and 1 Sterling Silver Pendant
$1000-$1249.00 9 Oysters and 1 Sterling Silver Pendant
$1250-$1499.99 10 Oysters and 2 Sterling Silver Pendant
$1500+ 12 Oysters and 2 Sterling Silver Pendant
***Family with the most retail sales will get an additional 3 Oysters and 1 Sterling Silver Pendant.

e) There is a overall 1st place seller prize which is a large gift basket filled with goodies such as a fleece Oilers Blanket/wine/chocolate/etc.  

first prize

f) Oysters will be shipped to the arena after opening OR if you would like them and or jewelry mailed to you directly, enter the Mailing address you would like it sent to and add $5 for shipping.  $5 flat rate and will shop anywhere in Canada.   If you are ok with them being sent to the arena for pick up just write “arena” in the address line on the order form. 
***I did not have enough copies of the Oyster order forms so if you need one please let me know and I will get that to you ASAP.  

Printable Order Form


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